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Prevent Assay Drift In Your Clinical NGS Assay by Avoiding 2 Common Mistakes

Daily variations in your test performance can cause assay failure and may lead to false positives. Do you have the tools to detect them?

Posted by Trevor Brown on Apr 27, 2017 3:00:00 PM


Clinical NGS tests may be powerful diagnostic tools for your molecular pathology laboratory, but they remain complex amalgamations of different hardware, reagents, and software systems — often from several different vendors and with different levels of quality. Only one of these critical reagents or systems has to fail or underperform in an assay to cause performance drift.

If you don’t catch assay drift quickly enough, it can lead to assay failures such as false positives or unexpected changes to assay performance — such as those that impact limit of detection (LoD).

How can your lab protect itself better? Avoid these two common mistakes:

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