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The Promise of Liquid Biopsy: A Q&A with Dr. Claudia Vollbrecht

Category: NGS, ctDNA, cfDNA, reference materials, ccfDNA

Posted by Andrew Anfora, PhD on Mar 24, 2021
  This is Part 3 in a 3-part Q&A blog series with a panel of liquid biopsy experts addressing many of the issues faced in developing and deploying NGS-based liquid biopsy assays for clinical applications in oncology. At a 2020 liquid biopsy webinar, Dr. Vollbrecht shared a molecular pathologist’s perspective on the current state of liquid biopsy. Laboratory processing and analysis of cfDNA samples is a multi-step process that requires a high degree of precision to achieve consistent results. Her presentation focused on pre-analytics variables, which are often left out of discussions and tend to focus on biochemical manipulation of isolated nucleic acids. Seemingly simple factors at the point of sample collection such as problems with blood test tube filling, storage and labelling are able to affect the cfDNA stability, abundance, and confound the reliability of final interpretation. Variation in sample treatment during laboratory processing, including but not limited to, cfDNA quantification and QC methodology are also amongst the challenges for liquid biopsy.
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Multi-Lab Study of Fusion RNA Reference Standards for Targeted NGS

Category: NGS, reference materials, AACR, NTRK, RNA fusion

Posted by Andrew Anfora, PhD on Jan 28, 2020
Sourcing assay validation samples as positive run controls or workflow controls in targeted NGS RNA fusion assays remains a challenge today. This is further exacerbated with clinical labs looking to provide validated NGS assays for patient stratification in a host of new drugs in clinical trials or newly approved targeting fusion genes, such as NTRK genes (Larotrectinib, Loxo/Bayer) and Entrectinib (Genentech/Roche) for rare cancers in adult and pediatric patients, and RET (Loxo/Lilly) for lung cancer. SeraCare produces several RNA fusion reference materials. This article describes the development and multi-laboratory evaluation of a pan-cancer multiplexed Fusion RNA reference standard for analysis of clinically relevant fusion genes in solid tumors. The evaluation was conducted at 5 different laboratories on different NGS platforms (amplicon- and hybridization capture-based) as well as at different RNA inputs within a platform. Results highlight the utility of this Fusion RNA reference material to support clinical NGS assays as positive controls in solid tumor cancer patient stratification for many of these fusion-based targeted therapies.
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