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Does your NGS lab struggle with quality control? [Free Guide]

Posted by Meagan Gregoire on Aug 11, 2017 12:00:00 AM

As clinical genomics diagnostics continues to evolve, the primary challenge for laboratories has shifted from data acquisition, to ensuring their NGS tests are safe and effective. Whether they are developing an assay for circulating tumor DNA, validating a test to predict an antiviral therapy response, or are in production to provide parents with life changing health information, the underlining goal remains the same: your results must be accurate, precise, and consistent. High-quality, highly-multiplexed reference materials and the effective use of quality control metrics for monitoring the health of your assays are two solutions to help achieve those goals.


In this white paper, 2 Tools For Overcoming Your Clinical Lab’s Toughest Quality Control Challenges, we’ll reveal how you can ensure your NGS-based tests are safe and effective.

Download this now to learn:

  • What QC challenges do clinical genomics laboratories face
  • The 9 characteristics of “high-quality” reference materials
  • How to use QC metrics to monitor the health of your NGS assays
  • 7 data management must-haves

Then, we’ll show you how SeraCare can help.

Clinical genomics laboratories struggle to thoroughly understand the analytical performance characteristics of their NGS tests, and this paper will provide the right tools to overcome those challenges.

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