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A First of its Kind Survey to Assess the QC Habits of Labs Running Clinical NGS Assays

Posted by Trevor Brown on Jul 12, 2018 12:00:00 AM
While good progress has been made of late with more clarity around FDA requirements, as well as organizations such as CAP and AMP providing more 'meat' in their guidance to clinical laboratories, there still remains a ways to go before this modality of testing is more standardized and uniform across the various laboratories offering the testing--be it via commercially available IVD kits or multiple different LDTs providing similar performance characteristics.

One area that has not been adequately studied is how clinical NGS labs are approaching the management of their QC data--and what habits and trends are currently being used. No doubt there are many more QC metrics and risks in a clinical NGS workflow compared to more automated and simpler diagnostic assays with simpler interpretations. Understanding how similar or dissimilar these QC approaches are to more traditional diagnostics is one of the reasons we are partnering with GenomeWeb on a first of its kind industry survey to assess how labs implement and view QC for clinical NGS assays.

We are actively seeking lab technicians, directors and scientists involved in running, analyzing or overseeing clinical NGS testing to take 5 minutes and fill out this survey. We intend to make all the results freely available once the study is complete and if you are interested in having access to this data once available--please just reach out. We will also be sharing these results via a Webinar on Sept 17th with a round table discussion by clinical experts about implementing QC programs for NGS assays.

You can find the survey here:

genomeweb survey 2018

Topics: QC Challenges, NGS, QC Reporting