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New Podcast: Target the Tumor Mutational Burden and Pursue Harmonization

Posted by Melinda Fayette on Mar 20, 2019 12:00:00 AM

Friends of Cancer Research aims to better understand the impact of assay variation on clinical outcomes, align standards, and define best practices for tumor mutational burden assessment. Harmonization of methods to quantify TMB will facilitate robust biomarker development and optimize clinical utilization and treatment decision-making. 

Listen as Dr. Mark Stewart discusses the role of the TMB in cancer research and the need for harmonization throughout the process. 

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Mark Stewart FOCRFeatured Speaker: Mark Stewart, Friends of Cancer Research

Mark leads Friends’ research and policy agenda and oversees research projects. He also establishes partnerships to develop policy proposals and consensus-driven solutions, and accelerate drug development. Mark received his PhD in cancer biology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Topics: TMB, cancer