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Posters from AMP 2015 Available for Download

Posted by Dale Yuzuki on Nov 9, 2015 12:00:00 AM


The Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) was founded 'to provide structure and leadership to the emerging field of molecular diagnostics', and publishes the Journal of Molecular Diagnostics.

The annual meeting of AMP was recently held in Austin Texas (November 4-7, 2015) and SeraCare presented the following posters now available for download.

'Use of recombinant virus technology to product non-infectious, multiplexed RNA or DNA virus whole process controls', about our AccuPlex technology. This poster is available here (PDF).

'Development of highly multiplexed, semi-quantitative reference materials for somatic tumor mutation profiling', about our new Seraseq Solid Tumor Mutation Mix and ability to measure a breadth of driver mutations at a range of allele frequencies. This poster is available here (PDF).

'Replicating fetal trisomy patient-like reference material for use in non-invasive prenatal screening tests', about our novel trisomic aneuploidy reference material to assess the performance of these important assays. This poster is available here (PDF).

Lastly, 'Evaluation of stability of reference materials for infectious disease testing at elevated temperatures in liquid and dry states', about a new method of stabilization from ViveBio called ViveST. (Additional background about ViveBio's partnership with SeraCare can be found here.) This poster is available here (PDF).

If you have questions about any of these products feel free to contact us.

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